Membership Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​Q.  We are interested in joining the Sandestin Unified Transportation Program.  What is the credential system? 

A. We will provide you with tram passes that will be good for one year.  Our contract year is March to February.  Passes will expire February 28th each year.  The passes will include owner or management company name and unit information for each unit.  

Q.  Will each person in a party be required to have a card to ride the tram?

A.  It is not necessary for each person to have a card.  However, keep in mind, should the parties separate and need to ride the tram individually,  each group will need a tram pass to ride at that point. 

Q.  I only have one unit and I also live on the resort. Please advise what needs to be done for my unit to have tram access.

A.  For your convenience, you can download an agreement from our Services and Membership Page.  Once it is completed, return to Sand Dollar Transportation via email or mail.  The membership fee is $600 per year, due March 1st each year.  Once payment is received you will receive your tram passes for the unit.  

As a homeowner, you are a member of the transportation program through SOA.  You will be able to utilize this service with current HOA card as before.  PLEASE do not provide your family or guest your HOA card.   They will be denied access if you are not 
boarding the tram with them.

​​​Q.  My husband and I own a unit at Beachside One in Sandestin.  I rent our unit privately and do not have a management company.  Can you tell me how our rental guests will receive credentials to use the transportation service?
A.  I will be happy to deliver the passes locally to someone that has access to your unit such as your housekeeper, caretaker, etc.  I can also mail the cards if needed or place them in the unit for you when vacant.

Q.  I have downloaded the Service Agreement to complete.  Do I send this form and my check directly to you or to the Sandestin Owners Association?

A.  You can mail the completed agreement with payment directly to me at:
Sand Dollar Transportation
P.O. Box 6084
Miramar Beach, FL  32550

Q.  Are there any payment options other than sending a check or money order?

A.  Yes, you can visit our Services and Membership page where you can download the agreement.  You can email the agreement to  We will then send you an invoice to process your payment online.